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The IFCA Awards Program is to fully, appreciatively recognize individual breeding excellence for those of the IFCA members who have continually demonstrated superiority in the show arena and who continually work towards the betterment of the IFCA and our breed. The program also recognizes individual birds that have demonstrated outstanding show qualities over other birds during a two-year period. The available awards within the program are:

Breeder Awards   Bird Award  
  • Master Breeder
  • Breeder of Merit-Superior Rank
  • Breeder of Merit
  • Breeder of the Year
  • Junior Breeder of the Year
  • Outstanding Service Award
  • IFCA Master Judge
  • Indian Fantail Hall of Fame


Award Description And Rules
Master Breeder

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To achieve the covered recognition of Master Breeder an individual must do more than win championships in shows; he or she must help improve the breed, win consistently, help stimulate interest in the breed, club and be an active member. The Awards Program is retroactive to the 1981 Show Year. Following are the rules:
  1. A “declared” individual from a partnership loft is simply that breeder that is the primary partner and working towards the Master Breeder Program; an example might be a husband/wife team and one of the partners is the primary breeder. The primary breeder must notify the Awards committee Chairperson and “declare”, officially, in writing that they are the beneficiary of the points. If both partners are working towards the Master Breeder, they both must declare themselves as beneficiaries and earn double points and both must serve the requests leadership positions.
  2. Be certified by the Awards Committee to have earned 1,000 points as an individual, or in the case of partnership loft, 2,000 points (or 1,000 per each individual represented…this means a 2,000 point total for a two partner loft or partnership, or 3,000 for a three partner loft).

    Rule: a total of 12 “championship”wins are necessary: 6 of the wins must be champions of 100 point shows; the 6 other wins must be at least 1st Reserve Champion or 2nd Reserve Champion of any other IFCA Sanctioned Meet, for a total of 12 championship wins. All other points (to make up the 1,000 per individual) will come from Class wins or Breeder Recognition Points.
    (Note: A Jr. Champion win will count as a Class win. If a Jr. wins Grand Champion or 1st or 2nd Reserve, this will count towards one of the 12 championship wins).

  1. In addition to the winning of show points (per declared breeder), the applicant must serve in any 2 of the many following positions:
  1. As an IFCA Officer for at least 1 year or longer (following are the options offered):
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Publicity Director
  1. Been an IFCA District Director for 2 years or longer.
  2. Served in a special, appointed position* or as a specific committee member for 2 years or longer:
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Awards Committee
  • Show/Genetic Committee
  • Certified Judge Committee
  • Nominations/Elections Committee
  • Constitution & By-Laws Committee

    (* or any others, as may be designated by the IFCA President)

  1. Served as an IFCA Certified Judge, having judged a minimum of four IFCA Sanction Meets.
  2. Achieved Breeder of the year at least once and/or received the NPA Outstanding Service Award
  3. Has been an IFCA member in good standing * for 5 consecutive years and had bred Indian Fantails for at least 10 years; (…*”good standing” means to be of good character/reputation and involved in the IFCA as deemed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors). The individual must initiate the application (forms available from your District Director) to the Awards Committee Chairperson, the Awards Committee Chairperson (ACC) will poll the IFCA Board of Directors and the approval must be a majority vote.
  4. A wall plaque and coat patch will be awarded.

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