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aster Breeder Point System

  1. The official IFCA Standard will be used, as the basis of judging at all shows, sanctioned or otherwise.
  2. Points will only be awarded to those birds bred and shown by the exhibitor. There are no exceptions.
  3. All IFCA Sanctioned Meets require (a.) District Director approval, (b.) 50+ birds actually shown and (c.) an IFCA Certified Judge.
  1. Each District may, in the course of one year, have only one 100 Point Show (unless either the NYBS or Grand National is held within a District, in which case that District is permitted two 100 Point Shows).
  2. Each District may have only two 50 Point Shows per year.
  3. All other shows will be designated as 10 Point Non-Sanctioned Meets.
    1. A Non-Sanctioned Meet is a 49 or less bird show and/or no IFCA Certified Judge, or any other show beyond the above mentioned 100 point and 50 point shows.
  1. Any breeder of Indian Fantails, IFCA member or not, may exhibit at any IFCA Meet, however, only members will be awarded points.
  2. For points to be awarded in a class, the class must consist of 8 or more birds by two exhibitors not of the same household.
  3. A bird may earn points only in one category in a show, and that category will be its highest category; e.g., the Grand Champion bird will also have won its Class as well as either Best Old or Best Youngůso it will only receive points for the highest win: Grand Champion.
  4. A single bird can contribute a maximum of 250 points towards the 1,000 total.
100 Point 50 Point 10 Point
IFCA Sanctioned Meet IFCA Sanctioned Meet IFCA Non-Sanctioned Meet
  Points     Points     Points
Grand Champion 100   Grand Champion 50   Grand Champion 10
1st Reserve Champion 70   1st Reserve Champion 35   1st Reserve Champion 6
2nd Reserve Champion 50   2nd Reserve Champion 25   2nd Reserve Champion 5
Best Old 40   Best Old 20   Best Old 3
Best Young 40   Best Young 20   Best Young 3
Best of Class 12   Best of Class 6   Best of Class 1
Jr. Champion 12   Jr. Champion 6   Jr. Champion 1
Note: Only those show records having been submitted to the Awards Chairperson and IFCA Bulletin Editor for formal, official publication will be considered valid and of record towards Master Breeder points. It is therefore imperative that each District Director ensure each show report is sent in a timely manner.

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