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Completion Rules

  1. The new color/mark must successfully, repeatedly reproduce itself. The resulting quality of the new Indian Fantail must be sufficient as to be showable (this does not mean capable of winning the show, but is far enough along to proudly be showable…representative of the breed).
  2. The color/mark must be popular enough to gain the interest of at least two other breeders not of the same household. The interested breeders must breed out of the same stock developed and provided by the originating breeder(s).
  3. The originating breeder(s) plus the two additional new breeders (or more) will breed enough birds of this color/mark to create a new class (8 or more birds) and will exhibit in at least two or more IFCA shows. (Note: this new color class is not to be confused with an experimental “genetics” class; this Breeder Recognition Points Project will have progressed beyond that point.)
  4. The originating breeder may now notify that the IFCA Awards Committee of its probable completion in adherence to the above procedures and rules. The Awards Committee Chairperson will notify the Genetics Committee and IFCA Board for a majority vote approval and awarding of the 200 points.
Master Judge

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The award is to recognize the acceptance of an individual’s judging skills by the IFCA members and his/her superiority in procedure, knowledge and fairness in judging the Indian Fantail.

  1. Applicant must have been an IFCA Certified Judge for no less than 5 consecutive years.
  2. Must have been voted by IFCA members to judge at least 3 National Shows (one of either the NYBS or WNYBS, plus two Grand National(s). Once the NPA Requirements for Master Judge have also been met, the applicant may apply on his/her own for that award, as well.
  3. A master judge patch will be awarded.

Outstanding Service Award

In association with the NPA, this award is to recognize continued service, past or present, of the highest quality in helping build the IFCA, service to its membership and the development of the Indian Fantail.

  1. The individual(s) must be nominated by an active IFCA member. The nomination will be reviewed by the IFCA Board of Directors; if sanctioned by a majority vote, it will be presented to the NPA. The NPA will award their OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD certificate on behalf of the IFCA. This award will take place at the NPA Grand National banquet.
  2. The nominee(s) must be an active IFCA member in good standing for no less than 2 years and have bred Indians for no less than 3 years.

Indian Fantail Hall Of Fame

It is the skill of the breeder to create an Indian Fantail that meets the IFCA Standard; but it is the disposition and “showmanship” of the bird that also contributes to the win. If a bird does not station or show well, it will not win a Championship. To recognize and immortalize such true Champions, the INDIAN FANTAIL HALL OF FAME award has been developed to recognize these outstanding birds.


Any Indian Fantail bred and owned by the exhibitor/breeder and meeting the following requirements:

  1. To be awarded annually based upon the show records of the previous two years.
  2. Within a 2 year period (from Grand National to Grand National), the bird that has the most Master Breeder points is automatically elected to the Hall of Fame. In case of a tie, both birds will be recognized. If more than two birds end the 2 year period within the same points, no award will be given, as no bird, at this point has clearly distinguished itself.
  3. A certificate will be awarded, stating the bird, band number, total points won, the years and breeder’s name.

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