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  1. With the exception of the OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD and the INDIAN FANTAIL HALL OF FAME award, each member is responsible for his/her own submission and/or application for a particular award. Each District Director has been provided a complete packet of application forms. You must contact your Director for them.
  2. All nominations or applications will be sent to the Awards Committee Chairperson.
    1. Upon receipt of nomination or application, the Awards Committee Chairperson will notify the IFCA Board of Directors, via letter, for consideration.
    2. The IFCA Board members that are Directors should solicit input from their district members on certain matters (example: the Breeder Recognition Points: each Director must contact sufficient district members to determine if the applied for new color, mark or pattern is either already in existence or is being worked on by a district member. Then and only then , cast your vote.
  3. Once an award has been approved by the award, the Awards Chairperson will notify the individual and the IFCA Bulletin editor of same. The Awards Committee Chairperson will also notify the Publicity Director for future announcement of awards given.
  4. Any procedure question that may occur not fully covered in this document, will be received by the Board of Directors and the Awards Committee.


  1. The IFCA Board of Directors is the governing body; the makeup of the Board is defined in the IFCA Constitution and By Laws.
  2. The appointed IFCA Awards Committee will be charged with specific procedural and monitoring duties.
  3. All applications/nominations for awards must be made, in writing, to the Awards Committee Chairperson.
    1. The Awards Committee will communicate all nominations to the Board for their approval (Note: each IFCA Director is automatically a member of the board. It is the Director’s responsibility to communicate with his/her district members before voting on most matters.)
    2. The Awards Committee Chairperson will maintain permanent files of all transactions, points, show records and awards given.

    3. A duplicate set of Show Records (only) will be held by the IFCA Bulletin Editor.
  4. The IFCA Secretary-Treasurer has the responsibility of verifying registered band numbers, positions held and continuity of membership.
  5. The Awards Program is retroactive to the 1981 Show Year.

Outstanding Service Award

In association with the NPA, this award is to recognize continued service, past or present, of the highest quality in helping build the IFCA, service to its membership and the development of the Indian Fantail.

  1. The individual(s) must be nominated by an active IFCA member. The nomination will be reviewed by the IFCA Board of Directors; if sanctioned by a majority vote, it will be presented to the NPA. The NPA will award their OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD certificate on behalf of the IFCA. This award will take place at the NPA Grand National banquet.
  2. The nominee(s) must be an active IFCA member in good standing for no less than 2 years and have bred Indians for no less than 3 years.

Matters Not Covered

  1. Any suggested changes, deletions, additions, amendments or issues regarding the Awards Program and its intent or function, may be raised by any IFCA member and submitted for consideration to the Awards Committee and the IFCA Board of Directors; any and all considerations, changes, deletions, additions, or amendments submitted must, however be considered by the Awards Committee, the IFCA Board and voted on and approved by the IFCA membership before becoming effective and inclusive.
  2. All matters not covered by the foregoing rules, procedures and administrations thereof and all disputes, whether they be procedural, administrative or member oriented, shall be administered by the IFCA Board of Directors and their decisions shall be final.

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